Floating Offices
During the summer of 2007, Nordic Marine Sauna received a commission to construct a floating office. The client was NM Yacht that was looking for something special to use for client meetings and demonstration of boats. The resulting office is a 20 square-meter cabin, with a large sliding window pane in the front facing the water, and a total of seven windows on the long sides which allows for optimal natural lightning and excellent views. Located in one corner of the office is a small fire-heated sauna with room for 4-5 persons. The sauna room has large windows as well.



The office roof and floors are insulated allowing maximum usage all year round.

NMS has delivered a sauna to Göta kanal
AB Göta Kanalbolag have bought a specially constructed Tranholmen to be used by the thousands of guests that travel on the channel each year. The sauna itself has been equipped with smaller windows than the original version, and the extra large platform... Läs mer
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